marian's story

I owe the inspiration of marian skincare to my late grandmother, Marian (affectionatly called "Grandy"). Whether she was going out or staying home, there was never a moment where she wasn’t looking her best. The picture of class and grace, she was a woman who took pride in her appearance, not for vanity’s sake, but for the enjoyment of just feeling beautiful. 

As a celebrity manicurist, I come across a lot of hands, ranging from size, age, tone, and skin color. The frequent complaint I hear from my clients is always the same: “My hands look so old.” 

To more effectively serve my clients, and to promote confidence in their hands, I’ve devoted myself to solving this problem. In my research, I’ve discovered a plethora of products that promised soft and moisturized skin, but none included the key ingredients to slow the aging process. Seeing this gap in the market, I've realized the need for a high-quality, hand-focused, anti-aging skincare line that is simple to use and produces results.


marian skincare

The standard Grandy set for creating and maintaining her pristine appearance is a trait I respect and admire. She instilled in me the importance of taking care of yourself, inside and out. I’m thrilled to share this passion with you, because let’s be real, we all need a little Marian in our lives. 

With love to your skin,

Laura B. Malarkey